About Us

We are a niche firm specialising in Clinical negligence Claims .We do not generalise we specialise .

At DP Bridge Solicitors we genuinely believe that Clinical Negligence claims should be dealt with by  lawyers who have the  expertise and and experience of medical claims which encompasses both medical and legal knowledge .

Lawyers who specialise in claims for damages brought against the medical profession will have had specialist training and have dealt largely if not exclusively in this area of law. We have .

Pursuing a Medical negligence claim is not straightforward and we believe it is different to pursuing other types of personal injury claims.

It is for these reasons that we have set up a bespoke firm genuinely specialising in this area .We work closely  with some of the most eminent experts in the medical and legal  profession .

We firmly believe in standing up for those who have suffered as a result of substandard care regardless of the level of injury. We appreciate deciding to pursue this type of claim can pose a moral dilemma, no one enters into this type of claim lightly  but if you have been injured as a result of poor care  you deserve recognition . Whether this involves rehabilitation, future treatment or simply financial compensation  for what you have been through, our role is to take the stresses of litigation away so you can concentrate on recovery and moving forward.

We offer over 35 years of experience, we pride ourselves on efficiency and compassion and most importantly fighting for our clients in order to get them  the results they deserve.

Paula Bridge

Managing Director/Principal Lawyer

Kerry Burgoyne

Head of Operations

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